lunes, 11 de octubre de 2010

John Pawson Plain Space

John Pawson and Dinesen at Design MuseumDinesen plays a key role in the exhibition, John Pawson Plain Space, at the Design Museum. John Pawson and Dinesen share a passion for design and for solid wood planks in extraordinary dimensions. Theirs is a unique partnership of many years’ standing. The story of John Pawson and Dinesen dates back to 1992, when the designer first became acquain-ted with the Danish family-owned company. The relationship has proved pivotal for both parties.“Architects rely on their choice of partner to succeed in their careers and endeavours. My work would not be the same without Dinesen,” says John Pawson.

A site-specific, 1:1 installation at the heart of the gallery, incorporating a floor and benches custom-made from Dinesen Douglas, offers visitors to the exhibition a direct architectural experience. John Pawson travelled to the Black Forest with Thomas Dinesen to select the timber for the floor and benches. He also designed a series of Dinesen Douglas furniture pieces, especially for use in the exhibition. The exhibition runs until the 30th January 2011.

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Dinesen, Klovtoftvej 2, Jels, 6630 Rødding, Denmark T +45 7455 2140 F +45 7455

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