miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009


LC-Architects, an architecture studio specialized in the management and restoration of architectural and cultural heritage, began working on urban rehabilitation and on the “building on what is built” in April of 1992, though the actual organization was formally established in 2005 with the hope to develop a methodology of intervention based on previous scientific knowledge.

Our “atelier d’architecture” currently consists of an international and multidisciplinary staff of solid technical and artistic skill: they are interconnected around the materials characterization laboratory as a previous element of diagnosis, a department of R & D & i and sections of documentation, archeology, restoration, engineering, interior design and restoration.

Following our mission, we are not only focused on the management of well-known or important monuments, but also, and equally, on the architectural patrimony considered by other lesser structures, generally situated in the rural zones, but of utter importance for the preservation of a diverse culture, local development and search for political management and development of tourism initiatives that implement sustainable and stable utilization of natural resources, cultural and architectural ideas that do not reproduce the habitual trends of mass tourism.

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